The Best Ways To Dispose of Pet Waste

If you have a canine companion in your household, you know just how much pet waste they generate on a daily basis. Learning the best ways to dispose of pet waste can help you to keep a clean yard while simultaneously eliminating waste in an eco-friendly manner.

How to Use Debris Cleanup Boxes to Prep for a Home Sale

No one has to tell you how hard moving is. If you have to relocate, let’s both hope this will be the last time for years. Now, it’s time to prioritize to make the transportation of all your belongings as easy as possible and to safely remove all renovation scrap, household litter and lawn debris.

What Size of Dumpster Makes Sense for My Project?

A debris box or a dumpster is a great option when you are working on a project to help move out your debris and make sure that your project site stays clear and safe. Determining the right size dumpster that you need for your project can help get things started. There are plenty of different… Read more »

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Factors To Remember

Now that you’re excited about your kitchen remodeling plans, you have to think about the more unpleasant side of this project. Have you ever thought about what you’ll do come time to tear down your old kitchen? If not, you need to factor this into the total cost, so you won’t be left with unexpected… Read more »

Top Five Recycling Programs Offered Around the World

It’s true what you’ve heard. A little friendly competition never hurts anyone if it’s for fun and for a worthy cause. Recycling is considered a humane thing to do worldwide, and some countries are better at it than others.

Alternatives to Grass Lawns

While a lush, green lawn is the norm for most people, that does not mean that it is the only option when it comes to your yard. Yards are unique, like the owner of the home that they belong to, and you do have other options besides the typical green grass lawn.

How to Estimate the Cost of Remodeling Your Bathroom

It’s a great time to start planning a bathroom remodel, and it all begins with deciding on your budget. Before you tear out your existing bathroom with the hopes of remodeling, there are some important factors to consider for this project. The cost of supplies, the professional help you need and junk removal costs are all part… Read more »

Where Does My Trash Go?

Trash is something that we all create and that each household has to get rid of every week. There are so many different types of trash, from food waste to plastics, that we go through, and not many people truly know where that trash goes. When you throw something away in a garbage bag, that… Read more »

Eight Ways To Reduce Your Trash

Each year, trash is piling up faster and faster. But you can help protect the planet by doing your part. Here are eight simple ways that you can decrease the amount of trash you throw away.