7 Ways to Declutter Your Home

7 Ways to Declutter Your Home

If you spend time searching for items in drawers choc-full of things or you can’t put anything in your closets because they’re jammed with clothes you never wear, then you have too much stuff. Get back your time and space by learning how to declutter your home.

Start at the Beginning

You may be feeling frazzled with all the stuff you need to declutter. So take a deep breath and begin in the area that made you want to do it in the first place. Maybe it’s the drawer that’s full of junk or the corner of the room filled with paper, magazines, and recyclables.

Declutter Before Organizing

Don’t bother buying bins, dividers, containers, or other accessories used to organize your things. You just risk adding more clutter to the interior of your home. Buying also delays the actual process of getting rid of things.

Pick just one thing to focus on. Complete it and then move on to the next thing. Finishing a small project gives you a more immediate sense of accomplishment. If you try to focus on too many things, you may get none of them done.

Space It Out

Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed at how much decluttering you have to do. Just remember that you don’t have to do it all in one day. Give yourself a deadline based on how much you can manage at any one time. Otherwise, if you take on too much, you may be discouraged and give up.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Pick just one thing to focus on. Complete it and then move on to the next thing. Finishing a small project gives you a more immediate sense of accomplishment. If you try to focus on too many things, you may get none of them done.

Develop a System

Create a system of organizing the process so things move effortlessly. Consider creating four piles of items to keep, donate, sell, or trash. If you have plenty of things to get rid of, consider renting roll-off dumpsters from a company like Debris Box who can also recycle any items that can be reused. They’ll put the dumpster where you need and haul it away when it’s full.

Do Not Buy

Avoid buying anything new to take into your home until you’ve completed all of the decluttering. This prevents you from adding clutter, which involves cleaning and gives you extra incentive to finish right away. To avoid gathering more clutter after your done, consider buying a new thing, only if you can get rid of something in its place. You’ll then always maintain the same number of things and not have to declutter at a future time.

Give Everything a Space

When you bring something in the home, such as mail, groceries, or a store-bought item, don’t just drop it wherever it’s convenient. Create a space for it and always put that item in the same space. You’ll make it easier to find later. If you can’t find a space for it, then maybe you never needed it in the first place and can get rid of it.

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