Recycling & ROLL- Off Box Services

Debris Recycling San Diego

Recycling Ordinance – CITY

The City of San Diego has a Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance (see

Recycling Ordinance – COUNTY

The County of San Diego has a Construction and Demolition Recycling Ordinance (see

Rock, Concrete & Asphalt

These materials can be ground up and used as aggregate in concrete or as road base. We can legally haul up to 10 tons. These loads may not include trash, vegetation (including roots), plastic liner, wood, etc. The unwanted materials may result in a clean-up fee that may be more than the original agreed upon price; these materials may also result in the load being treated as a trash load which may double the recycle price.

Green Loads

Tree trimmings and yard waste are ground up and used as mulch.

Unacceptable items include:

  • Trash,
  • Root balls,
  • Succulents (examples include ice plant, jade & cactus),
  • Fibrous trees and plants because they don’t grind up well (examples include palm trees, coral tree, palm fronds & yucca)
  • Trunks greater than 4 feet in length,
  • Processed wood,
  • Dirt

Wood Loads

Lumber may be recycled.  Incidental nails and bolts are acceptable. Restrictions include:

  • No paint, varnish, stain or other treatment of the lumber.
  • No composite lumber such as plywood or fiberboard.  The glue used in these products make them non-recyclable.
  • No metal hardware such as hinges, elbows, bracket, etc.

Metal Loads

Metals can be recycled as long as they are free of trash. We charge a haul rate and refund or credit your account for the proceeds of the metal sale (supported by a copy of the recycler’s receipt). Mixed metals usually receive a lower price per ton than separated metals.

Sod Loads

Sod is the top layer of grass, roots and incidental dirt. Sod may be recycle if there is no trash.