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5 Tips for Donating Items When Moving or Cleaning House

Moving from one site to another, or even moving from a residential area, can seem like an overwhelming task. Donating or recycling many items may be easier than┬átaking them with you. There are also many items that you’ll likely want to dispose of before moving. Whether you’re running a business or moving from an individual… Read more »

What To Donate When You Are Moving

If you are considering moving this year or in the┬ánear future, now is the time to start planning on what you are going to do with your excess possessions and how you will tackle all the clutter you need to go through as you prepare for the move. While Debris Box can be a great… Read more »

What to Donate When Moving

People often move during the summer. Kids are out of school and there’s no snow or cold weather to contend with. If you’re preparing to move, you’ll want to go through your home and purge. There are items you should toss or donate so you don’t have to pack up and move items that won’t… Read more »

What Items You Should Donate When Moving

Moving to a new home can be a wonderful opportunity to take stock of your life and make a fresh start. What better way to do that than to get rid of the things you no longer need or use. Not only will it save you time and energy, not to mention the cost of… Read more »