What Can and Cannot Go Into My Dumpster

What Can and Cannot Go Into My Dumpster

Not all waste products are the same. Before throwing anything into a dumpster, you need to know if it is dumpster-safe. Learn about the do’s and don’ts of dumpster disposal.

What You Can Throw Into a Dumpster Safely

Furniture. Most areas in the country allow you to throw furniture into a dumpster, but there are a few communities in the country where it is forbidden. In other parts, upholstered furniture and mattresses require an additional fee. If this the case in your town, consider donating unwanted items.

Yard Waste. Lawn, brush, tree trimmings and leaves are safe to throw away in a dumpster, but some communities place limits on the amount of “green waste” residents can dispose of at one time. Know the laws where you live to avoid a nasty surprise.

Electronics. A few broken electronic products can go into a dumpster, but for working computers or phones, it is often a better idea to donate them. If you decide to throw these products into the dumpster, always remove any sensitive information from their hard drives.

Random Household Products. Old, unwanted household items such as toys, curtains, pots and pans, and books are acceptable.

Renovation Debris. You can toss debris from a home renovation into a dumpster. Be aware of the weight of certain build materials like brick, stone, and cement. Some dumpster rental companies restrict the total weight of the materials you dispose of, and these materials can easily reach that limit.

Paint. Leftover paints do not belong in a dumpster. The large amounts of oil and chemicals in the paint can cause damage to the environment, the wildlife and people.

What You Can’t Throw Into a Dumpster Safely

Chemicals. Never dispose of either household or industrial chemicals in a dumpster. Things like solvents, fertilizers, and pesticides are dangerous and can cause injury. Most areas in the country have safer ways for residents to dispose of chemicals.

Batteries. All types of batteries, from the large ones in vehicles all the way down to tiny button-type ones, should not go into a dumpster. Batteries can cause an environmental problem. As they decompose in the landfill, harmful chemicals can leach out and poison the local area’s groundwater.

Paint. Leftover paints do not belong in a dumpster. The large amounts of oil and chemicals in the paint can cause damage to the environment, the wildlife, and people.

eWaste. Although it is acceptable to throw out a few electronic products, filling a dumpster with electronics from an office is not a good idea. Large amounts of electronic equipment contain small amounts of hazardous materials like nickel, mercury, and cadmium.

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Eli Richardson

It’s a good thing that some dumpster rental will accept landscape debris. My brother is remodeling his lawn before the fall. I will suggest him to find a dumpster service that will collect yard waste.


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