Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

Bathroom Renovations Made Easy

A spacious, updated, modern and comfortable bathroom is a great renovation project to take on. It is also a wonderful and overall easy way to add value to your home. As one of the most frequently used rooms in the house, it is important to make sure your master bathroom is comfortable and inviting while also being user-friendly and convenient. Carefully planning for the bathroom renovation or new installations is key to making a bathroom upgrade as easy and convenient as possible.

Price Estimate- What Goes Into the Cost of a New Bathroom?

Before designing the perfect bathroom for your home, it is important to take the time to consider the costs and investments you will need to make. The average cost of a master bathroom remodel is determined by the number of design features and the layout you choose. Some key design and element features have a large and direct impact on what your new bathroom upgrade will end up costing when all is said and done:

  • Space Configuration: One key part of the design process homeowners will need to consider is what material the new bathroom walls will be made of. Drywall will be better suited from some installation options, and others are better suited for tiled walls. It is also important to know the location of all the supporting studs in the bathroom so features and accessories can be safely hung and installed. Flooring choices and the bathroom space’s overall size will also need to be carefully planned out right from the start.
  • Shower Designs: Another important but often overlooked aspect of designing the bathroom is what kind of shower space will be utilized. A shower head that sprays water all over the enclosure, out the door, or that can’t maintain good pressure is useless in a newly renovated bathroom. Likewise, a crowded and cramped shower that is hard to turn around will be a major detractor even from the fanciest looking bathroom. Ensuring the tub and shower enclosures are right for the family using them is a key part of the bathroom remodeling process.
It is also important to know the location of all the supporting studs in the bathroom so features and accessories can be safely hung and installed.
  • Ventilation: Without proper ventilation in the newly designed and renovated bathroom, moisture can quickly build up. This can cause a host of problems that can cost time and money to fix, and that can also ruin all the hard work that went into the upgrade. In high moisture environments, paint can peel, discoloration and staining can occur, mold and mildew can grow, wallpaper can start to slip and pull off, and the glass can look dingy and cruddy very quickly. Ensuring proper ventilation is utilized from the start will help ensure this is not an issue.

The final factor to consider for your bathroom upgrade and renovation is the debris, cleanup, and disposal. This can be the fastest and easiest part of the entire process if you call Debris Box and take advantage of our various dumpster and bin rental and removal services. Call today to see how we can help make your bathroom renovation project faster, easier, and less stressful from start to finish!

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