Home Improvement Projects Make the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Home Improvement Projects Make the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift

As Valentine’s Day draws near again, it’s time to think outside the box when it comes to romantic gestures and gifts this year. Flowers and chocolates are nice, but consider taking a bigger step that improves your home in a permanent way to really wow your spouse or significant other. These four simple home improvement projects can be accomplished in a weekend with an inexpensive dumpster rental to hold all of your construction waste.

Upgrade the Porch

Start by creating a cozy outdoor area for spending time together by giving your front or back porch a few upgrades. Insect screening only takes a handful of nails, a staple gun and staples, and some patience to keep mosquitos and gnats away without any chemicals. A porch swing is a nice touch. Make sure you’re attaching the swing’s hardware into a rafter or wall stud so it can support the weight of you and your loved one sitting together.

Backyard Oasis

Every yard has an empty corner or center that could benefit from a water feature and some new plants. It’s a little early for major landscaping projects in February, but it’s never the wrong time to build a gazebo, install a fire pit, or create a walking path of paving stones around your property. Even small water features are easy to DIY in a weekend. If you plan to mix concrete or cut wood for your project, make sure you have separate bins for the recycling and trash so you save money on dump fees.

It's never the wrong time to build a gazebo, install a fire pit, or create a walking path of paving stones around your property.

Transform Your Bathroom

For more experienced renovation experts, focus your efforts on the bathroom for a weekend project that really pays off. Your spouse will be delighted to find a new vanity, a better toilet, or new lighting as their gift for Valentine’s Day. To get all the work done while your loved one is away for a short trip, make sure your dumpster rental arrives before the first day of work. You need to process the materials you remove immediately so you can clean up in time for your special someone to see the brand new bathroom.

Cleaning Out Clutter

Don’t have the time or the budget for major home renovations? Cleaning up a cluttered and disordered storage areas, such as the attic or garage, can bring peace into your spouse’s life. It’s also a very inexpensive gift, even if you bring in friends to help and rent a dumpster to haul away trash or unneeded items.

Make this Valentine’s Day special by undertaking a secret home project while your loved one is away. A dumpster rental from Debris Box makes the process go smoothly and takes most of the work out of cleaning up after a home renovation.

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