How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Cold and dreary winter days have passed and longer spring days are up ahead. It’s time to welcome the season of green that is accented by reds, yellow, whites and other pops of color. Celebrate the upcoming months by refreshing your home with these decorating tips.

Why Do You Think They Call It Spring Cleaning?

Because the cold keeps you in, anything you brought into the house stayed these past few months. And that included newspapers, mail, firewood, wrapping paper and mud. Time to get rid of all the clutter and dirt that has piled up by giving your home a good spring cleaning.

Tackle one room at a time, so you aren’t overwhelmed. Start by getting rid of anything that doesn’t belong in the room. Then give the floors, walls, doors and windows a good cleaning by vacuuming, scrubbing, sweeping and shining.

Go Natural

Put away the furry furniture throws, sparkly sofa pillows, the artificial Christmas tree that you should’ve boxed in January and other reminders of the frigid season. Use window coverings, throw pillows and tablecloths covered in natural designs like florals, plants and butterflies.

Add touches of real nature by bringing in vases of blooming flowers or colorful container plants. Herald the melting of icy lakes into flowing rivers and brooks by installing a tabletop fountain that spreads the soothing sound of falling water throughout a room.

Brighten the Color Pick your favorite spring colors and use them around the house.

Rearrange the Flow

If you’ve been living with the same furniture arrangement in your public areas for years just out of inertia, change things up a bit as a sign of the season’s renewal. Rearrange the furniture around a focal point such as a prized collection or a spectacular window view.

Mix and match pieces from different rooms to add visual interest. Move a living room side table into the master bedroom, and a bedside stand into the living room. Switch out accessories, paintings, mirrors and other decorative items either with pieces you have in storage or by putting them in different places around your room.

Brighten the Color

Pick your favorite spring colors and use them around the house. Paint the walls with fresh blues, bright yellows or pastel shades. Reserve one wall in a room for a brighter accent color like red or green, or cover it with wallpaper decorated in a natural pattern. Consider bright accent colors like mauve or aqua for seat cushions, sofa slip covers or towels. Decorate using accessories in one bright color, such as kitchen containers and spatulas colored bright red, to liven up the neutral palette of a room.

Remember the Exterior

Don’t forget to take care of your exteriors! They frame the interior, and you’ll be seeing more of them as you spend time outdoors. Line your paths and driveways with colorful annuals and put hanging flower baskets on your patio. Repair any torn screens, non-functioning exterior lights or broken windows. Paint your main entry door and trim with a color that makes them pop out of the main color that you used for the walls.

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