What Size Dumpster Should I Use for My Project?

What Size Dumpster Should I Use for My Project?

Are you considering tackling a home renovation project by yourself this summer? Don’t forget to figure out how you are going to handle all of that construction debris. Most DIY homeowners don’t take the time to make plans for proper waste removal and leave the issue to the last minute. This often results in higher costs and a lot more aggravation. Avoid the hassles by making waste removal a topic you think about from the start. This quick guide will help you to determine which dumpster size is right for your home project.

How to Choose a Waste Container Based on Your Project

While every project is unique, this guide can help you get at least some idea about the size of container you need for the type of project you are planning.

A one or two room residential renovation project. A standard dumpster measuring 16′ long, 8′ wide and 6′ high is a good choice for this type of project. This type of container can hold up to 32 cubic yards of debris. Due to this container’s small footprint, it is a good choice for jobs where there is a lack of space for larger containers.

Projects with lots of heavy debris such as cement, rocks and dirt including demolition and landscaping. Because of the weight of the debris, a low boy container is a perfect container for these types of projects. Low boys measure 16′ long, 8′ wide and 2′ high and hold almost 10 cubic yards of waste. The low wall height of this type of container makes it quicker and safer to load extremely heavy items. The Low Boy is the dumpster designed for heavy loads such as concrete, dirt, rock and/or asphalt.  When level full they do not exceed maximum alloawable weight limits.

Large projects with lightweight, but bulky waste, such as roofing and deck projects. A container called a standard box, or a 40, is a good choice for these kinds of projects. A standard box measures  22′ long, 8′ wide and 6′ high. A 40 is one of the most versatile waste removal containers you can choose.

Besides taking into consideration the type of project you are planning, there are other important criteria to think about before choosing your waste container. Weight can be a problem. Just because a larger container can be packed with heavy material, it doesn’t mean you are illegally allowed to do it. In most areas, trucks are only allowed to haul up to 10 tons.

Also, remember that each city has its own regulations regarding recycling. You may need to rent separate containers for each type of material to avoid violating recycling policies in your area.

Is all of this a little too confusing? Debris Box in San Diego can help you figure it out. We offer customers second-to-none service and competitive pricing on a variety of waste removal containers. Call us today at 619-284-9245 to ask a question or reserve a container.

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Lucy Gibson

I like your point about how a low wall height will make it quicker and easier to load heavy construction debris. Trying to throw out large chunks of something like concrete would be difficult with a standard 6′ wall height. I would also assume that contacting a professional dumpster rental company and asking what size they recommend for a certain type of project could be very helpful. I would assume that in most cases, it might be better to have a larger bin rather than a smaller one that fills up too quickly.

Schiro Ackermann

It sure was nice to know that a dumpster that is 18′ long, 8′ wide, and 6′ high is the perfect dumpster to use for a renovation project that involves one or two rooms. I will be sure to mention this to my parents since the living room and storage room will be renovated at the same time. I just want to make sure that they rent the right dumpster size so as to avoid overspending. Thank you for sharing this!


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