Alternatives to Grass Lawns

Alternatives to Grass Lawns

While a lush, green lawn is the norm for most people, that does not mean that it is the only option when it comes to your yard. Yards are unique, like the owner of the home that they belong to, and you do have other options besides the typical green grass lawn.

Ornamental Grasses and Lawn Cover

The first alternative to typical grass is ornamental options. These are going to be grasses that only grow to a certain height, grasses that grow in nearly any sort of soil, and grasses that are great because they require very little maintenance. These grasses are also beautiful and can help cut down on the amount of grass that you have to cut and the amount of typical grass that you have to maintain.

You can find some varieties that even help to keep pests away and help to deter insects as well. These grasses are lovely to look at, can be a great addition to your current landscaping, and are a fun addition to any lawn.

Stones and Gravel

Another great way to reduce the amount of grass that you have to care for is with gravel and stones. You can make rock gardens, large landscaping beds and more. Rocks and stones can also be used to make areas where you can add native plants and vegetation as well as shrubs and other elements that make a landscaping bed fun and easy to look at. Landscaping with rocks and stone is also a very low maintenance way to make sure your yard is going to look great but that it is not going to take a ton of time and effort to keep looking great.

Patios can also be accented with greenery and plants to give them a homey feel and to make them feel even more inviting and relaxing.

You can also add walkways, sidewalks and gardens that are lower maintenance than a yard full of grass to help make your yard easy to work with and also to ensure that it stays beautiful. Gardens and stone beds are a fantastic way to add native plants and native rocks to your yard.


The last way that you can reduce the amount of greenspace that you have to maintain is to get a patio installed or to work on one yourself. You can use pavers, gravel, concrete and more to create a patio that is both beautiful and functional. Patios are a wonderful way to make sure that your yard is useful, that you have plenty of outdoor space to entertain, and that you are not going to have to worry about things like mowing grass constantly or working too hard to keep a lawn green.

Patios can also be accented with greenery and plants to give them a homey feel and to make them feel even more inviting and relaxing. If you are thinking about reducing the amount of green space that you have to tend, a patio is a great way to do just that and to make your yard look better for it.

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