Grass Alternatives for Your Lawn

Grass Alternatives for Your Lawn

Grass lawns have somehow become the quintessential look for homes across the country today. And while a thick carpet of green grass can look beautiful and inviting, often the lawn ends up being much more work and cost than many homeowners anticipate. Lawns can be high maintenance, especially when you have a large front and back yard to take care of. The cost of fertilizing, mowing, pest control, weed control, and general care can quickly add up and cost more than some homeowners are willing to pay. Many people today consider large lawns to be very wasteful compared to some low maintenance, more useful alternatives because of how much water they need and how fertilizer can impact the environment. If you’re not interested in that green, pristine look and want to be more environmentally friendly with your yard design, there are some great alternatives to look into for your home!

1. Ornamental Grasses

These alternatives can be grown in a wide range of soil types, so you should have no trouble finding options for sandy, wet, or well-drained soils. One of the biggest perks of using ornamental grasses is that they require little to no maintenance once they have become established in your yard. They even work as repellents for pests and insects, they can help keep soil erosion to a minimum, and they can even help protect soil from nutrient depletion. Grasses can be found for both sun and shade lawns, too, so they can be used even under and around shade trees and around the home as well.

2. Stones or Gravel

This alternative is another great option for homeowners who want to have a lawn that is ultra-low maintenance. Using hardscape elements like pavers, stone, and gravel can give property owners some great options to play around with. Stone can be found in just about any color as there are endless types of stones and gravel that can be used in the residential landscape. Rather than using mulch, gravel can be used as a colorful and low maintenance cover to use around plants and other hardscape elements to reduce the need for high maintenance and expensive turf grasses.

Adding in a large flower bed can use up some of that high maintenance grassy area and also bring in some great color to the landscape.

3. Flower Beds and Gardens

The final option for a beautiful lawn that uses less grass in the design is to switch out turf grass for flower beds and gardens. Adding in a large flower bed can use up some of that high maintenance grassy area and also bring in some great color to the landscape. Adding in a vegetable garden, rock garden, or other feature can also reduce the amount of grass your lawn needs. These garden spaces can be low maintenance as well and can be designed to accentuate the look of your home without all the need for expensive and time-consuming care that a large grassy lawn will need.

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