Kitchen Remodeling Cost Factors To Remember

2021 Kitchen Remodeling Cost Factors To Remember

Now that you’re excited about your kitchen remodeling plans, you have to think about the more unpleasant side of this project. Have you ever thought about what you’ll do come time to tear down your old kitchen? If not, you need to factor this into the total cost, so you won’t be left with unexpected expenses — and surprises.

Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

The typical price range of kitchen remodeling is between $12,000 and $38,000. If your project calls for new floors, cabinets and plumbing or electrical updates, it might cost you more than $40,000. That doesn’t even account for the highest-end building materials.

If you plan to purchase all wood for your kitchen storage, for instance, it will cost you more than it would for composite pieces. Tile or ceramic versus linoleum also will increase the price you would pay. Of course, you also must factor in the costs of appliances unless you plan to keep the ones you own.

If you want more light in your kitchen, or you would like to place a patio door in an attached dining room, it would be wise to discuss those plans, too. Just when you figure out how much you think it might cost, however, you also have to compare that cost with value.

Cost Versus Value

When requesting remodeling quotes from a contractor, it might also require an appraisal. This will confirm what your current home’s resale value is right now versus what it will be once you remodel. When requesting renovation estimates, you’ll want to make sure the designs you choose add to the resale value if you plan to sell. This is sometimes tough to predict, which is why many homeowners choose timeless or minimal design options.

How to Request a Quote

You can ask for a rough estimate over the phone, but don’t count on that being the final price. Any professional that has performed remodeling services for long enough knows better. Besides, they wouldn’t want to ruin their reputation by making you feel cheated. Ask them to make an appointment to inspect and measure the area you want to renovate. Then, make sure you don’t leave any plans out of the conversation.

If you plan to purchase all wood for your kitchen storage, for instance, it will cost you more than it would for composite pieces.

The least expensive prices include simple updates that don’t require tearing apart your whole kitchen, of course. If you have any mold or decay issues – or any other damages you notice – they might have to be addressed during the upkeep process after the tear-down, so remember the price might not be final upon first inspection.

An Additional Expense Not to Forget

Aside from choosing building materials and appliances within your budget that are available, you also have to consider tear-down and cleanup. Make sure you ask your preferred remodeling contractors what they recommend, but we also encourage you to browse the available selection of cleanup dumpsters available.

Both recyclable and trash dumpsters are offered for rent. Are you ready to start your kitchen tear-down? Order a roll-off dumpster from Debris Box today!

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