What Does It Cost To Remodel a Kitchen?

What Does It Cost To Remodel a Kitchen?

Have you been longing for a kitchen renovation lately? What’s stopping you? Many people are worried about the price and process. We want to clear things up a bit by talking about the average costs of a kitchen remodel, what’s involved, and what major factors will change the expenses. After all, a big project starts with a good budget (and a reliable dumpster)! Here’s what you should know as you begin.

Average Costs for Your Kitchen Remodel

Home Advisor, which specializes in providing advice to homeowners and helping them connect with local contractors, reports that the average for a kitchen remodel in 2018 was around $23,000.

While this is a good place to start, it’s not a good idea to assume that’s how much every project will cost. Smaller projects like simply replacing countertops may cost significantly less (more on this below). A full kitchen remodel where you are replacing flooring, cabinets, sinks, counters, and maybe installing an island or other components is going to be much more expensive, around $40,000 or more. Even averages will depend on the type of product that you’re considering.

Material Costs

It’s also important to consider what materials you want – this is why it’s a good idea to do some browsing of kitchen plans you like before investigating costs. For example, a stone tile floor will be significantly more expensive than a vinyl floor. A granite tile countertop will be more expensive in most cases than a ceramic counter, and a slab counter made of one piece will be far more expensive than any tile. And so on. Try to pick your ideal materials when you start looking at prices! This is also true if you plan on replacing any major kitchen appliances.

Professional Work

How much professional work do you need? The good news is that nearly anyone can dismantle a kitchen with careful work. You probably don’t need to charge someone to rip out your surfaces unless you’re physically unable to do it.

However, installing new components may require professional help. Higher-quality floor and counter materials may be best installed professionally to avoid costly mistakes. Appliances may be too large or complex for you to install yourself. Remember to include any professional installation costs.

Getting Quotes and More Information

So how do you find more exact numbers for your personal kitchen remodel? Make some calls! Take a look at local contractors and find numbers you can call to arrange a visit and an estimate. It’s important that you have a clear idea of what you want for a remodel at this time, but this is the only dependable way to get more accurate numbers when you are ready to start. This is also the time to ask 1)when they can begin a project and 2)how long the remodel would take, so you can start making additional plans.

Are you ready to start the tear-down for your kitchen? Make it a lot easier by ordering a roll-off dumpster from Debris Box today! Remember, a kitchen remodel includes removing a lot of materials that are very difficult to dispose of without a helpful dumpster, so any major remodel will benefit from a bin to store waste!

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