Where Does My Trash Go?

Where does my trash go?

Trash is something that we all create and that each household has to get rid of every week. There are so many different types of trash, from food waste to plastics, that we go through, and not many people truly know where that trash goes. When you throw something away in a garbage bag, that is not its last stop. Learning about the process by which your trash is disposed of can help you decide to change things up. Continue Reaading

Eight Ways To Reduce Your Trash

Each year, trash is piling up faster and faster. But you can help protect the planet by doing your part. Here are eight simple ways that you can decrease the amount of trash you throw away.

The Dangers of Illegal Dumping and Why It’s Prohibited

So, why could you get fines if you just dump waste wherever you want? The short answer: It’s dangerous. That’s why. You might have no clue what illegal dumping is or why it’s even considered a felony in some cases, but you’ll learn soon enough.

7 Tips To Prepare to Declutter Your Home

Clutter takes up way too much of our lives and our space, and it makes us feel stressed, on edge, and frazzled. We fret about it day in and day out and try to figure out how to deal with it but never seem to get anywhere with the effort. Why not start today and… Read more »

What Is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

Taking care of the planet is something every person living on it should care about. While huge advancements have been made in reducing pollution caused by some sources such as fuel, other sources are growing at an alarming rate. The ocean and the animals that live in and around it are especially vulnerable to pollution caused by… Read more »

Easy Ways To Prep Your Home for Sale

When the time comes to sell a home, especially one you have loved and called your own for many years, it can be difficult to know how to prepare. Making your home look its best to potential buyers rather than to your own eyes is the ultimate goal ahead of putting it on the market…. Read more »

What Size of Dumpster Makes Sense for My Project?

Taking on any project can be a big undertaking for a homeowner, especially if they are not properly prepared to deal with the debris and trash created by the project. From simple renovations and upgrades to major construction and remodeling projects, having the right size dumpster on hand can reduce the stress and aggravation involved. Here… Read more »

Helping People Understand What Happens to Their Trash

From Curb to the Landfill Whether you set bags out individually at the curb or in a trash can, have you ever wondered where it goes once picked up and tossed into those neat-looking garbage trucks? There is an interesting path that most of our trash takes. And step one, naturally, is a local collection… Read more »

8 Tips for Reducing Your Trash Output

Here at Debris Box, we are committed to helping our customers, and the general public reduces waste and be more conservative with their resource consumption and trash creation. Few people would argue that the nation, and the world at large, have a big trash problem. What many people do not realize is that even small individual… Read more »